Finding my peace in a rock concert

It’s 10:41 p.m.

I’m at a concert in a venue roughly 45 minutes from home. A sold-out concert. My other half has texted to inform me the water is off for some reason and there are “loud noises coming from the hallway.” I’m at a table against a back wall, not even able to see the band for the rows of people four deep crowding the balcony. I’m reading an eBook.

And I’m smiling.

This is the first time in almost two weeks that I’ve got more than two waking hours without touching the computer (writing from my iPhone is glorious). The band is amazing (this is my fourth time seeing them with my sister), and they have great energy. Can you imagine something being mellow and high energy at the same time? Cause they are.

And yeah, I’m tucked in a corner but that’s exactly where I wanna be. I’m not getting shoved, no one is dumping a drink or sweating on me. I’m getting to enjoy the music in my bubble.

That eBook I’m reading? Is rocking my core. I couldn’t love it more. If you get the chance, check out Pace Smith’s “The 11 Most Dangerous Myths about Finding Your Path”, cause that little tug at your heart strings is not meant to be ignored.

Sometimes, zen doesn’t have to be about out-and-out mischief or misbehavior. Sometimes that misbehavior is staying out late to go to a show with your sister for her birthday, when you know that early-to-bed-early-to-rise crap should be important to you.

(Btw, f*** that. You wanna stay up late, you rock that ish. Just own it later when you feel like a giant punched you in the head.)

Sometimes peace is found in a crowded club when the music is invading your head and creating your own world.

And sometimes, it’s none of those and you have no idea if you’re ever going to find it again.

(You will.)

Just stick with it, rockstar. Find your mischief. Find your zen. Do it in a day, a week, or a lifetime. I don’t give a damn what the timeline looks like. I’m not your boss, and this isn’t a work project for some faceless customer. This is your life, and your sanity, and you’re the customer and the developer and the project manager and the CEO and God and your own damn universe. Be a chipped yellow star on a club table. But be the damn star.

Just do it.

And now, it’s 11:12, our water is back on, and I’m going to rock out with my sister cause I can.


6 Ways to Enjoy the Next Five Minutes

Urgh. Sunday night, right? Contemplating everything you should do to make tomorrow morning bearable, when really just standing up off the couch you’ve been glued to for the last two minutes (or two days, we don’t judge) seems freaking impossible.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there (or are there). So instead of being productive RIGHT THIS SECOND, I give you permission to take five more minutes. They’re ALL YOURS. Revel in the glory that is not needing to do anything, cause Liz said you could.*

And because I love you SOOOO much, I give you 5 things to choose from** that will make that five minutes even BETTER! (Or at least somewhat amusing)

    1. 30 glorious Cat GIFs on Buzzfeed
    2. Episode 1 “Butter Yo Shit” on My Drunk Kitchen
    3. Computer Humor on Pinterest
    4. The Care Calorie Diet on Something Positive
      (bonus points: plot out your care calories for the week!) 
    5. George Takei’s Facebook Wall and/or TwitterAnd if all else fails…
    6. JbDubs — “I Hate My Job

Ok, five minutes are up. Go get shit done!

P.S. — I make no money off these links, I just dig them a bunch. Also list posts. 

* If your significant other has been begging you for hours to take out the stanky trash bag for tomorrow morning’s pickup, please do as they ask before you take your five minutes. Choose life, my friend. Choose life.

** Pick ONE. Seriously. Set a timer. Or get sucked in. You’ve been warned.

2014: Start Some Mischief

Where were you at midnight, New Years Eve?

  • Cheering in Times Square?
  • Curled up at home with a book, a candle, and a good glass of something sparkling?
  • Partying with 100 of your closest friends, dancing, laughing, and drinking like tomorrow will never come?
  • Taking a well needed rest?
  • Making a list post? (Oh wait…)

Whatever your night contained… How did it feel? Did you have that little sizzle, deep down? That voice saying “man, if only this were my life” ever so quietly?

Guess what, my little darling? You can TOTALLY keep that sizzle.

But you gotta work for it. And I mean WORK for it.

“But wait?” you ask. “I’m already busting my tail on my  New Year’s resolution. I’m going to lose weight, and launch my business, and unschool my kids, and quit my job, and make my marriage utterly perfect.”


“But wait, I don’t believe in resolutions. Goals are a way of fooling myself, I can achieve my wishes without goals.”

On both of those points, I say good for you! You believe in New Year’s resolutions, you think that resolutions can eff off, or you have to look up how to spell resolution on Google. No worries. You’re not really working towards a goal, or a resolution, per se. You’re making a decision. And to maintain that decision, you gotta bust your buns my darling.

I’m talking about deciding to have fun. I know! Crazy, right?

Fun has been proven to raise your credit rating, cook your dinner, clean your house,  rebalance your 401(k), lower blood pressure, cause ridiculous smiles, make you INSTA-hotter, improve a crappy day, AND increase your life expectancy.*

*And by proven, I mean it may have been and I didn’t research it. You actually have to work to do most of those things. HEY WAIT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT WORKING. And the WORK that I’m putting into this is a labor of love for YOU and research would just ruin it. 

But seriously. Fun is good for you. And not in some “10 out of 10 people surveyed on their deathbed wish they had worked less” way (though that may be totally valid), but in a “HELL YES, I am SO ready to get out of bed this morning cause I am going to do something AWESOOOOOME” kind of way.

Today, your mission is to do something fun, even if it’s just for five minutes.

My only rules:

  • Cannot be harmful/malicious to anyone (yourself included)
  • Keep it under $5, if you have to spend money.
  • MUST result in smiles on your part!

Read a page (or a chapter) in a book. Browse a webcomic (or Imgur). Post a horrible pun on Facebook. Draw a smiley face on today in your Day Planner/Filofax/whatever. Highlight your last meeting’s notes in your favorite color. Just make sure it’s something you’re doing for the fun of it. Something that sparks that sizzle.

Let’s do this.

Ready to have some fun?