Hi, I’m Liz.

Liz P.
I am a..

  • web and server administrator (professionally)
  • writer
  • editor
  • occasional photographer
  • all-around crafty, artsy nerdette
  • huge fan of bullet lists

…with a complete love/hate relationship of white space.

In sum, I’m a wandering, smiling, geeky, Jill-of-all-Trades polymath-type smart-alec. Nice to meet you!

Instead of throwing out some really boring technical acronyms extremely pertinent information about my technical background, I’m going to list my top 5 ways for bringing out my inner child. Relaxing is important, after all!

  1. Chocolate (’nuff said).
  2. Drawing/sketching/coloring/painting with Sharpies/colored pencils/Microns/crayons/oils/watercolors/acrylics… ok pretty much anything I can get my hands on.
  3. Reading Tamora Pierce novels. Blanket and flashlight optional, but highly recommended.
  4. Watching Disney movies (sometimes with my boyfriend, sometimes with friends, always with my cat).
  5. Building pillow/blanket forts.

I also have a semi-official sounding bio.

Want to…

…find some of my other writings on the web?

I’ve guest-posted at:

And have had other works syndicated to MyLifeScoop, USA Today, and Yahoo! Tech.

…get in touch?

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